Advisory Board

Advisory Board:

The Saint Anne’s School Board is the advisory body which meets to deliberate on the needs of the school. The board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00P.M. in the school library. The meeting is open to all parents. This board consists of nine voting members – six members are elected to three year terms by the parish community, two members are appointed by the pastor, the Home and School Board president is the ninth member. The school principal and the parish pastor are non-voting ex-officio members. Two elected members are replaced or reinstated each year. Open nominations for School Board seats are announced to the parish and school communities sixty days prior to the election in May. The elected members are seated in June. According to Diocesan policy, parish school boards are advisory in nature and serve to assist the principal and pastor in the decision-making process.

Board Position Name  
President Josh Sutherland
Larry Wilkinson
Karol Flynn
Tom Prescott
Secretary Chris LoBue
Principal Kayla Trueblood
Pastor Msgr. Scott Daugherty
Home & School Board President Brenna Benevidez
Lupe Roman
Rick Onsurez