Student/Community Profile

St. Anne’s Catholic School has a current enrollment of 184 students, consisting of 92 boys and 92 girls from 121 families. We maintain our class size at 30 students maximum per class in order to better facilitate student learning. Students who enroll in St. Anne’s School usually remain at St. Anne’s through the eighth grade. Testing and classroom assistance is available for a child with special needs through Title I funding from Porterville Unified School District.

Student Performance

Since Fall 2003, St. Anne’s School has administered the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) to assess student performance. This test measures the overall achievement of our students in reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, listening, and study skills, and compares students both nationally and locally with other Catholic elementary schools. Students in grades three, five, and seven have also taken the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), which evaluates higher level critical thinking skills and abilities.

The Assessment of Catholic Religious Education Test (ACRE), which assesses students’ understanding of Catholic doctrine and moral values, is also administered to grades five and eight in January. These test scores are a valuable indicator of student progress and areas of strength and weaknesses in our curriculum. Other types of assessments include teacher-made tests, portfolios, chapter/unit tests, observation, written and oral reports, essays, individual/group projects, and term papers. The principal makes formal and informal visits to the classrooms to observe students’ performance. The principal and the teachers continuously monitor the students’ progress in order to guide the academic, social, psychological, and spiritual development of each child.

The closest Catholic high school is located in Bakersfield, 45 miles away. Porterville Unified District has four comprehensive high schools and a magnet academy, all serving ninth through twelfth grades. All of our graduating students enter our local public high schools. Most of our students qualify for and enroll in honors courses.

St. Anne’s Catholic School Enrollment

2007-2008 108 110 218
2008-2009 109 115 224
2009-2010 97 108 205
2010-2011 84 95 179
2011-2012 88 87 175
2012-2013 91 91 181

Current Enrollment by Grade Level

Kindergarten 10 8 18
1st Grade 14 9 23
2nd Grade 6 11 17
3rd Grade 13 12 25
4th Grade 10 8 18
5th Grade 6 7 13
6th Grade 10 14 24
7th Grade 9 10 19
8th Grade 14 13 27
TOTAL 92 92 184