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St. Anne's Advisory Board

The Advisory Board, a consultative body of delegated responsibility, gathers in the spirit of the gospel to promote, sustain, and ensure the ministry of quality Catholic education. This is accomplished by providing vision, leadership, and accountability in collaboration with diocesan and local administrators as well as with other key representatives of the school and business communities. The School Advisory Board assists in the overall health of St. Anne's School. 


All voting members serve a three-year term and are approved by the Superintendent and Diocese of Fresno Bishop.


Larry Herrera Jr. 


Voting Advisory Board Members
Gene Cuelho, Sara Herrera, Julia Inestroza, Nate Laux, Paul Prescott, Erik Santos, Josh Sutherland, Julie Waller

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members

Kayla Trueblood, Principal

Msgr. Scott Daugherty, Pastor

Brenna Benevidez, Home & School President

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